About East African Honeymoon Safari

We’re happy to combine our experience & expertise with your wishes & desire to plan the experience that matches your excitement.

Whether you’re going to choose a 5-day African honeymoon safari or 14 days safari, our focus is to make sure you’re going to have amazing memories that will forever stay with you.

We have great packages with great prices which have generated us so many genuinely wonderful reviews. Your communication with our safari consultants is always going to be friendly and quick, even with up to 8 hour time difference from to some countries, the communication with us is going to be smoother.

Along with it, we’re absolutely dedicated to guaranteeing every detail of your honeymoon safari is going to be perfect. We know planning for a safari is one thing, however, it is completely a different thing making the details in a plan as perfect as expected!

From airport pickup with our friendly and highly knowledgeable drivers guides to airport drop off we always take care of our customers. At the end of most safaris, our customers are often blown away by how many animals they’re able to see thanks to our experienced guides. It is indeed a discover and leaning moments

The perfect African honeymoon safari than the combination of;

  • Staying in classic accommodation with spacious rooms and of course, a heck of privacy
  • A proper itinerary that won’t get you exhausted – what’s the point of getting back to your hotel exhausted and extremely out of the mood for the tiredness?
  • Exclusivity – the honeymoon is all about spending time together, exploring different adventures together.
  • A good balance between beach holiday & wildlife safari – we’re happy to help you design this.
  • After wedding in the Serengeti Plains or White beaches in Zanzibar

Give it a try.

Let’s face it, planning for the East African honeymoon safari may be challenging. It is not going to be easy for you to choose accommodations with intimacy, and with enough space to enjoy the outside or stay inside and relax based on your style. Neither is it going to be easy to find the park guide who is extremely knowledgeable of the animals and the parks.

Let us help you plan your honeymoon safari today