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About Mount Elgon National Park

A sleeping giant has towered over the Kenyan-Ugandan border for thousands of years. The Bagisu tribe revere Mount Elgon as the physical manifestation of their founding father, Masaba. Trek up his ancient body and view East Africa from his unique vantage point, at a staggering height of 4,321mis a captivating natural wonder that spans the borders of Kenya and Uganda. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is dominated by Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano renowned for its colossal caldera, one of the world’s largest. Within its lush confines, the park offers an array of breathtaking landscapes, from dense montane forests to rugged moorlands.It is a biodiversity hotspot, home to diverse wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, and various primate species. Adventurers can explore its network of hiking trails, reaching spectacular viewpoints, and encounter pristine waterfalls. Mount Elgon National Park is a harmonious blend of scenic beauty and ecological significance.
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